Conspiracy Boy…at last.

Ahh, release day!

You know those projects you love, then you hate, then you love again? Rinse and repeat, for what seems like seven eternities, until you’re ready to lock yourself in a closet and eat laundry lint?
For like, three bloody years. I seriously love this book. Because if I didn’t love it, it DEFINITELY wouldn’t exist. This book is the boyfriend I almost broke up with, multiple times. But this book would have none of that. No, he camped out on my front porch, in the rain, and sang to me until I took him back. And, finally, the Angel Academy series is complete. Which to me, means something. A project — a series — started half a lifetime ago with a bedtime story for my daughter. Believe me, I NEVER thought I could write a book, let alone two of them. But I did. And they didn’t suck. They actually won some awards.

So here they are:

Prophecy Girl…my sweet darling baby.

Prophecy GirlConspiracy Boy…my stubborn little boy.


I love them both! And yes, they drive me crazy. But sometimes the most rewarding things are the ones you have to work for. The ones you sweat for. The ones you bleed and cry and put away laundry for. Okay, I may be veering off-metaphor here. Sorry, back on track. So now, I’m going to go sit in the sunshine and NOT think. For anyone who knows me, you’ll understand what a Herculean task that is.

Enjoy this day. Love your struggles. Celebrate little joys.

Because life is a story. We’re at the beginning…

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