Fangirl Friday!

Hi all! Welcome to Fangirl Friday!

Today I’m thinking about love. You know the stuff– it crawls inside you and wiggles until your heart is scoured clean and you can’t breathe without sparking the raw sting of infinity. Well, this week there are not one but THREE authors with whom I have fallen in love. I can’t wait to introduce you to them. So grab your glittery nail polish and get ready to scream.

Today’s Literary Fangirl picks are:

1.)  Leigh Michaels – I finished Just One Season in London, and I gotta say, it was FANtastic! So sexy, emotional, and incredibly well-written. Buy it immediately. Then buy all the copies on the shelf and give them to your friends. Or go to:

2.)  Michelle Rowen – Read anything by this woman. Seriously. Anything. She is BRILLIANT. And beautiful. And hysterical. I want to BE Michelle Rowen when I grow up. Until then, I want her to write faster so I’ll always have something good to read. So go. Read her. Her new release is Bloodlust, or you can start with the Demon Princess series, or anything Sarah Dearly. Visit her at:

3.)  Last, but DEFINITELY not least, Rob Thurman – I just read Chimera. It’s STUNNING. Heart-stopping action, compelling characters, dark humor, and the perfect amount of existential depth to make you think hard, yet NOT propel you into a pit of Kierkegaardian despair. I’m going to re-read it as soon as I finish the laundry. Then I’m going to re-read the Cal Leandros novels. Check Rob out at:

I hope you take time to fall in love this week. Until next time, dear readers. 

XO, Cecily 




  1. I second your comments on Leigh’s book. Fabulous read.

    Congrats on a fabulous site!!

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