Sigh… I know, it’s not nice to call yourself names. And yeah, this is how I feel sometimes.

Like giving up.

Like stuff is piling up and I SHOULD be working harder, and I SHOULD be a more attentive mom, and I SHOULD know how to navigate the very very TERRIFYING waters of self-promotion with this whole book thing.


But here’s the reality, and it’s stuff I keep forgetting:

1. I’m human… dammit.

2. Life doesn’t suck.

3. Even when life does suck, it’s usually temporary and almost always self-imposed.

4. My kids freaking ROCK and I have fantastic friends… so I must be doing something right. Right???

Yes, absolutely! But it’s still easy to get swallowed by the wide world of insecurity. So what to do?

Not to worry! Like every self-respecting supervillain, I have a plan. And yes, it is diabolical.

I realized this morning (upon waking in the middle of the night, completely freaked out over– wait for it– a BAKE SALE I’m supposed to be organizing at my kids’ school) that the reason I haven’t been blogging regularly is because I worry that what I write won’t be clever enough or thoughtful enough to impress the cyber-verse. Happily, I also realized that the cyber-verse has WAY more important things to think about than whether I’m impressing them or not. Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, for example. That shit is hilarious! I can’t top that! Or Jessica Simpson’s weight-loss regime. How could I POSSIBLY create anything more gripping?

So I give up.

From now on I’m going to blog for fun. Because really, blogging is like an online party, right? And my bottom line with parties is, “If I’m not having fun, then what’s the point?”

Here are the new rules:

1. When you’re on this site, there’s no judgment. You can say anything, including telling me I’m full of it. (Relax, my friends do this ALL the time, and I still adore them.)

2. Everybody’s beautiful here, including Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson… no matter what they’re wearing.

3. I’m not going to hang my sense of personal self-worth on how many comments I get. Because that’s really stupid. Almost as stupid as freaking out over a bake sale, you know?


Okay, done ranting. Going back to bed now.

Love you all madly!!!



  1. Blog away, beautiful lady. I love every little peek into your soul. And if you should ever write something that’s not clever and fabulous (which doesn’t seem likely), it’ll just make the rest of us feel a little less inadequate. :)

  2. I love “it’s supposed to be a party” phrase. Everyone loves a party. And we’re all friends here, so no stressing allwoed.

  3. Great post Cecily. Something we all need to remember as we try to juggle more than the typical three balls at once.

  4. Hey, Cecily-

    (Waving madly) I miss you SO much girl it’s unreal, especially that killer wit.

    You’ll do great and juggle those three balls too. I have complete confidence in you and your amazing talent.

    Looking forward to more blogs (even less than superior ones). :-)

    XOXOXO (That should get the attention of your friends that don’t know me. hehe)

    • Miss you too, sweetie!
      Can wait for your book release. Oh, and I’ll be passing through the Caymans this January. (Cruise… ahoy!) Call me!!! Let’s try to hook up!


  5. P-L-E-A-S-E. Do you even KNOW anything boring? I doubt it. I’m surprised you haven’t come up with a way to add a twenty-fifth hour in the day. Polished stuff is for the editors. We like the unvarnished details. If you’d figure a way to get to meetings on time, (cough, cough) you’d be darn close to perfect.

    • Hmmm.
      A twenty-fifth hour to the day. I like where you’re going with this!!!
      (And good luck with that timeliness issue… If I could be punctual, half my marital spats wouldn’t exist.)


  6. Great thoughts, Cecily. Funny how tough we writers can be on ourselves whenever we write anything. Took me forever to write a note home to parents telling about our days!

    So, I love the ‘it’s a party’ idea!! Thanks! I’ll come here often to play!

  7. Oh yeah, I think we’re all guilty of these kinds of insecurities! I lose sleep over stupid sh*t all the time, LOL That’s when I remember I have to chill out! Great blog, hon :)

  8. Wait. We’re not supposed to be stressed??? Don’t disillusion me. I feel as if I’m forgetting to do something if I don’t have at least two projects going. I know. For you two projects are a vacation :)

    Write on!!!!

    • Ugh, don’t remind me. I’ve got like, seven things on my to-do-before-breakfast list. Which explains why I’m up at 6am!


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